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Where is the service area for Great Falls Geriatric Medicine (GFGM) physician home visits?

​The service area includes Great Falls, Virginia and adjacent communities such as Vienna, Reston, Sterling, and McLean, within a 20 minute drive of Great Falls. If you or a family member are interested in joining the practice but are not sure if you are within the service area, please call for more information.

Who is eligible to be a patient in this practice?

Any patient over the age of 65 is eligible. You do not need to be considered "homebound" in order to be a patient. Younger patients under the age of 65 may also be considered on a case by case basis; however the practice is primarily designed to help seniors living in the community.


The "Aging Well Program" is a unique primary care model designed specifically for seniors, with the goal of improving health outcomes and helping seniors to continue living independently at home.


Aging Well Program benefits include:

  • Physician travel with physician visits occurring in the convenience of your home or senior community

  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, which includes fall risk assessment, cognitive testing, vision and hearing screening, functional assessment, frailty screening, incontinence screening, malnutrition and weight assessment, depression and social isolation screening, sleep assessment, medication review and assessment for polypharmacy (which means too many unnecessary medications)

  • Direct access to Dr. Martin 24/7 similar to other concierge practices

  • Aging Well Program quarterly newsletter with topics specific for seniors

  • Referrals for outside services as needed, based on the initial evaluation (such as home safety assessment, physical and occupational therapy, driving assessment or geriatric care management)

  • Aging Well Program exercises classes offered weekly online by Zoom

  • Limited patient panel size to allow for this personalized care, unhurried visits, and a doctor that knows you well!

Are there additional fees associated with the "Aging Well Program"?

Yes. GFGM charges a one-time new patient enrollment fee of $100 and a monthly membership fee of $75, which covers the cost of physician travel, the weekly exercise program, and Aging Well Program newsletter. These benefits are not covered benefits with Medicare or other insurance. In addition, the monthly membership fee allows the practice to operate with a small patient panel and offers the same benefits of a typical office-based concierge medicine practice, including direct access to your physician, longer unhurried appointments with a focus on wellness and prevention. A smaller number of patients is key to providing good care for seniors, so that Dr. Martin can get to know her patients well and provide comprehensive and personalized care.

What if I sign up for the "Aging Well Program" and I want to cancel?

You may cancel at any time, with only 30 days notice. There is no long term commitment or cancellation fee. 

Why is the "Aging Well Program" membership fee a better option than a per trip travel fee?


Many private home-based practices charge per visit trip fees for a physician to visit a patient at home, in order to reimburse for travel time. Physician travel is not a covered benefit with Medicare or private insurance. However, trip fees can become quite expensive, and may be a deterrent to a patient calling for a home-based visit when they are sick. With the "Aging Well Program", all of the travel costs are covered by the monthly membership fee. Thus, patients do not have to be concerned about the travel costs if they need in-home care more often due to illness. 

Does Great Falls Geriatric Medicine, LLC bill my insurance?

Yes. GFGM accepts most major insurance plans including Medicare and bills insurance for the in-home medical visit, which is a covered benefit with medical insurance. Only physician travel, the newsletter, and the home exercise program are not considered covered benefits with insurance. These non-covered services are paid for with the monthly membership fee or "concierge" fee. Your insurance is billed for all covered benefits which includes the medical visits, telehealth and phone calls if needed, chronic care management, etc. similar to a regular office-based practice. All insurance co-pays and deductibles apply, just like a regular office. The membership fee does NOT cover these other expenses that are part of your insurance plan.

Is the "Aging Well Program" considered a "concierge" model of care?

Yes. Since there is a membership fee  or "concierge fee" charged to cover the non-clinical services (ie. exercise program, newsletter and physician travel) this may be considered a "concierge" model of care. The membership fee also allows the practice to operate with a much smaller patient panel size (approximately 300 patients), which is typical for a "concierge" medicine practice.

How do I reach Dr. Martin if I need her?

As part of the membership, you will have direct access to Dr. Martin for urgent medical questions at all times. She is available by phone, secure text messaging, secure email, or patient portal access through the electronic medical record. For non-medical questions, she and her staff are also available by regular text, email and phone. 

How are labs and imaging completed?

For patients without significant mobility issues, GFGM has accounts with several local labs and imaging centers and orders can be placed electronically or faxed to the location of choice. For patients with mobility problems, mobile labs and imaging companies can draw blood and perform basic imaging in the home.  

What is involved in the Aging Well exercise program?

GFGM has developed a home-based exercise program for patients based on prior evidenced-based studies in community-dwelling seniors. The exercises focus on balance, strengthening and flexibility to reduce risk of falls and improve mobility. Exercise is the key to Aging Well!

Our Aging Well classes are currently offered weekly on Fridays at 11:30 am by Zoom and last 30 minutes. As the program grows, we plan to offer additional classes for different fitness levels. 

There are no additional fees for these online Aging Well classes. They are included in the monthly membership fee!


How can I learn more or become a GFGM patient?


 If you would like more information about the practice, please feel free to call

703-947-7377 for more information or email us at


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